Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

We hope you all enjoyed your New Year's Eve! Word is my parents actually managed to stay awake until 12pm this year... woowee! We decided to head downtown for the general melee, because, well, why not?

Do I look chunkier than normal? That's because I am wearing EIGHTEEN pieces of clothing. Literally. Have I mention I really don't like the cold?
The riot police were out. As usual. It's funny because we were with some people who are newer to Korea and they were a bit freaked out by their presence while we didn't feel like it was too unordinary! The girls were walking a little slower than the guys at the beginning and got cut off when they formed a line. There were a few tense moments but we managed to use our ninja skills to get through to reunite. (Or we might have just snuck through where an break opened up, but that's not really as exciting, is it?)

Laurie, Tom and Steve, do you remember this cow?? He was making the rounds again for NYE, but repurposed because 2009 is the year of the, you guessed it, cow! There were lots of hats shaped like cows, too.
The sign reads "Lee Myung Bak OUT". A lot of people still don't like the President.

Braving the cold and the crowds.

LOTS of people.

And as the clock struck midnight it was time to light the fireworks. In a crowd! Nothing makes the New Year more exciting than the possibility of being accidentally lit on fire!
Later we headed to Mike's Cabin in Sinchon to warm up. Can you tell I have 4 shirts on??? We didn't stay out too late as we're both still a tad under the weather, but overall it was a fun way to ring in 2009, a year that is going to be very eventful! Just 7 weeks 'til we bid "aneyang" to Korea... ahhhh!

Happy New Year everyone!

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Mira and Eric said...

Hi Alison! I've enjoyed looking at your pictures--your blog is great! Hope things are well over there! Happy New Year!