Friday, January 9, 2009

A Blast From the Past

Are you ready for a seriously RANDOM post?? Good! I finally brought my crappy old camera home from school (where I angrily tossed it into my desk drawer on the last day of the semester because the stupid batteries died after I was able to take only TWO pictures of my classes, some of my favorites ever!! Single rolling tear.) Anyway, there were some real gems on the memory card, so I figured I'll cram them all into one post, because, well, why not?

First up: Classes Last Semester

The two measely pictures from last semester's classes. (Let's not mention the fact that it may or may not be my fault for waiting until the LAST day of the semester to take my camera to class... shhhhh... just look at the pictures of cute Korean kids!!!)

Hayden. The cutest nug of a kid you've ever seen. (This picture does not capture his tiny-ness)Sam stole him this semester, but is nice enough to share him when we combine our English Village intensive class on Tuesday/Thursday. (Yes, Sam and I are co-teaching a class. We're pretty awesome at it, I'm not going to lie. Or I just like doing less work. No, it's probably because we're awesome.)
Brian2 and Kai. Sam has Kai this semester, too. Ohhhh Kai. He's kind of a turd, but he sounds like a Muppet when he talks, soooo I heart Kai, too. I was also upset that Brian2 did not wear his bright red jacket and then claim to be cold and zip it alllll the way up with the hood on so you could only see 2 inches of his face. It annoys me whenever other kids do it (or when Sam does it to me in my hoodie sweatshirts) but for some reason he was super cute.
Topic 2: A-mazing Waffles
Before Kendra left we went to Cafe ImA in Gwangwhamun to have their famous ice cream waffles. There is ALWAYS a wait there, but it is TOTALLY worth it. Seriously, if you are in Seoul, I cannot stress this enough. Eat. These. Waffles.

Can you say holy yum? I mean, I don't even like waffles that much, but these were de-li-cious. You get to choose your two flavors of ice cream, or you can get fruit on top (which I'm sure is also good, but the ice cream seemed more appealing this day). We shared the waffle and had some really good soup before and were stuffed afterwards!

And finally: The Kimchi Museum!
The Kimchi Museum is quite tiny and located in Coex Mall (which means that you are practically obligated to have lunch at On the Border while you're there) and only costs 3000 won. It's quite informative, but I would recommend it towards the end of your time in Korea, because, well, I personally feel that it takes awhile to truly TRULY appreciate the gloriousness that is kimchi.
So many kinds of kimchi!
But cucumber kimchi is my favorite, hands down!
Did I mention that the museum is informative? It even has an entire hallway dedicated to how kimchi is good for your health! Here we have a depiction of how it cleans out your digestive system. (I would point out the pile of d-d-o-n-g, but I'm not 12 years old.)

Kendra learning about how kimchi is pretty much the same (but still different!) all over Korea.Different kinds of kimchi pots.
And now for quite possibly the least flattering picture ever taken of me. Obviously I had to post it on the internet. We watched a small child sit so that the woman was feeding her just before we got there. It turns out when you are full grown you have to sprawl across the scene, which I'm pretty sure is not what it's meant for, but when a wax figure wants to feed me a piece of delicious kimchi, who am I to say no??
It's official. I have no shame.

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