Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"????" is to "Sam" as "The Great Wall" is to "Alison"

Can you tell I have been studying up for the GRE?

Well, when we went to China Alison fulfilled her lifelong dream of seeing and walking The Great Wall.  Japan was my opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream of seeing the snow monkeys(or Japanese Macaque, if you want to be technical) I can't tell you when I saw my first documentary blurb on the snow monkeys, but I remember being fascinated.  There was just something about them that really caught my eye.  I have always loved monkeys, my very first "Animal Report" is Mrs. Hortzman's 3rd grade class was about Jane Goodall and her chimpanzees.  The monkeys are always a must see when I go to the zoo, and I still secretly look for jobs in Africa where you live and work on a chimpanzee orphanage and care for abandoned monkeys(shhhh don't tell Alison)  But I digress.  The snow monkeys are my favorite, and I have psychoanalyzed why, I will now explain.....  I love childhood/children/all that fun stuff.  I don't long for a lost childhood or anything, but man!!! being a kid was fun!!! My friends and I would just run around, go to the pool, play in the creek, dig around for animals in the ground, go fishing in a pond, every once in a while get in a little fight.  It was just good times, and nothing takes me back to being a kid more than seeing monkeys run around in the snow, chase each other, wrestle with each other, and swim around in a pool.  I mean seriously, MONKEYS and SNOW!!!  God has taken two of the most fun and endlessly entertaining things on the entire Earth and put them in one place!  WOW!!!  haha, ok, settle down Sam.  Alison will blog more about the rest of the Japan trip, but here are the links to the snow monkey pictures.

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