Friday, January 23, 2009

Hitting the Slopes

Well, I haven't done it since 9th grade (and we won't mention how many years ago that was, because some of you are all together too good at math) but last weekend Sam and I hit the slopes. Overall it was a good time. I might have cried a little bit once, but that was only from the humiliation of having to haul my skis back up the slope while a large group of Korean children laughed at me. But other than THAT :) Sam was an excellent ski-er and tore up every slope on the mountain along with Jordan on snowboard. David tried snowboarding for the first time and was such a trooper. He didn't cry at all!
Skiing here is actually a really sweet deal. 50,000 won got us a bus ticket there and back and an all day lift ticket. Then it was only about 14,000 won for the ski rentals. We went to Phoenix Park, which I can in no way tell you where it was geographically, but there were ummm... mountains... and snow... so, north? It wasn't too crowded and we got about 3 inches of snow over the course of the morning. So that was fun, but made seeing a bit of a challenge!
All suited up and ready to go! (What is wrong with my face??)

The mountain's many slopes.

Snowboarders just look cooler. Even if they do fall down more.

The cutest ski-er of all.

Aaaand to contine the trend of posting the most flattering pictures of myself as possible, me awkwardly holding Sam's skis and attempting to look "tough". I'll probably photo shop this face onto all the wedding photos... hott!

We plan on getting out at least one more time before we leave... in just 4 weeks... Ahhhhh!!! Also, our trip to Japan is this weekend, so instead of snow bunnies we'll be seeing snow monkeys. Hopefully I won't get my face eaten off! Have a good weekend and happy Solnal (Chinese/Korean new year) to you!

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Anonymous said...

** so jealous ** of your adventures...sounds like you're having an amazing time!