Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Wrap-Up

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Here are few random photos of ours. As Sam mentioned in the doctor's blog below I wasn't feeling up to much on Christmas Eve or Day... or the days after that, but I did manage to rally for a few festivities...

The tree (thanks Abby!) I made all of the decorations except for the lights and green balls for a fully decked out tree for under 5000 won. Sam was uber impressed with the paper chains... sometimes I wonder if he missed Kindergarten entirely.

We decorated our gingerbread family and their abode.

Happy couple. (One of Sam's feet broke off, so we ate off the rest of the feet so that his wouldn't feel like less of a person... and because we might have wanted a little gingerbread cookie and a bite off the roof of the house might have been more noticeable.)

Our moms sent us some fantastic activity books and we dove right in.

Look how excited I am for a cheesy holiday movie to watch, even through the sickness! Worst. Picture. Ever.
And this is what the rest of my weekend looked like: OJ, painkiller/fever reducer, tissues, thermometer (side-note and random "Alison fact": taking my temperature ALWAYS makes me feel better, even if my problem isn't illness related. Basically, don't be surprised if there are multiple thermometers on our registry!), etc. At least the tree was nice to look at!

And my packet-o-pills and cough syrup! (It still weirds me out that they aren't in child-proof containers, but the single serving cougy syrup packets are SO handy!)


Abbie said...

Thermometer for wedding gift - check! :)

Hope you're feeling better and your Christmas tree is AWESOME!!!

Love and Hugs,

Abbie, Dave and Jack

Anonymous said...

While Sam has his many interests-crafting just wasn't one of them! I love your toeless gingerbread people. Glad you are both feeling better. Hmmmmm - A thermometer fettish-who would have thought! :)