Monday, January 12, 2009

Food for Thought

If you're here for the pictures you may want to skip over this post :)

For those of you that don't know that me that well, I will let you in on a little secret. I am kind of a blog stalker (with the "kind of" being maybe the understatement of the year). My Google Reader regularly logs over 100 blog entries with the posts varying from weddings to cooking and healthy living to travel and photography to religion to motherhood to travel. It pretty much runs the gamut, and now, looking at it, pretty much sums up who I am pretty succinctly. (Well, except for the motherhood part... that's just more of a preperation for the very distant future!)

Wait, why am I writing about blogs on a... blog, you might ask. Well, in reading these blogs about other people's thoughts and other people's lives I find myself thinking, "Wow, that's amazing! I want to do that!" Some of these people, including people who are my actual real-life friends and not just people I stalk... errrr follow on-line, are doing amazing things and having amazing adventures. Today as I was reading one of their entries I got a bit jealous of their life and the places it is taking them, and then I got to thinking...

I am truly excited about my own life and where it is taking ME as well! It might be taking me in a different direction, and in some ways not the exact direction that I might have thought, or even picked, several years ago, but yet I am content. There is adventure in front of me including a marriage and reunions with family and friends, and yes, travel and food (and hopefully healthy living!). And the best part is that just as 2 years ago I never would have predicted that on this night I would be sitting in a TGIFriday's in Seoul celebrating the birthday of a friend from Canada there is no telling where I (we) will be in another 2 years.

What adventures are on your horizon right now?


Sarah Fox said...

I'm so excited for the new year! You'll be back soon, Megs will be done with school and on her way back to Austin from Pittsburg.
This year I'm going back to school to get my teaching certification to teach art. This last year was a whirlwind of my art business taking off, getting into shows, making money, and being able to quit my day job; then having the whole thing come to a crashing halt much to soon for me with the economy. So I'll be teaching art and still plugging away at my business at the same time. But I'm actually really excited to start teaching!
Like you said, you never know where life is going to take you. But I have great friends, family, Mr. Aaron and I'm pretty happy, so I should probably continue to go with the flow and see how stuff turns out, because it's ended up pretty good so far!
P.S.~Sorry this is so incredibly long :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your Seoul experience sounds so interesting -- I can't wait to read more about it. I'm going to email you the Peru information now ...