Friday, March 7, 2008

That Place We Go Every Day

By popular demand....
Welcome to our school!

Because every school needs an elaborate (and completely fake) atrium.

The spiral staircase of doom. Now, imagine trying to fight your way through 250 students up to the 6th floor. In five minutes. The netting might look slightly flimsy, but we've been told it's been thoroughly tested... now, who volunteered for that job??

This is how you spell my name in Korean. In case you would want to do such a thing.

This is Sam at his desk. He was relegated to the smaller office.
They should come visit us in the big office more often!

Okay, so there you have it! There will probably be more pictures along the way of the children we teach and what not, but I haven't decided which ones are cute enough to make the
blog just yet.
Also, I feel it necessary to let you all know that tomorrow I will be going to the Backstreet Boys concert with some other women from the office. That experience will probably deserve its own post, but if you would like to pray that my eardrums remain intact I would appreciate it!


Jessica said...

ahhh!!! backstreet boys!!!

Sarah Fox said...

The school looks awesome!! And very tall and skinny (6 floors??).

Allison said...

Ohh maaann! Backstreet Boys! Tell them I said hi... ask if they remember me. That is freaking amazing.

Also... that is the fanciest school I've ever seen. Kinda puts Marcus (and Tech, for that matter) into perspective.