Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back Street's Back... Sort Of

So , I know that you have all be waiting with baited breath to find out how the concert went. Well, it was definitely an experience, to say the least. And a fun bonding time with the ladies.

The whole thing actually started the night before as we made our homemade shirts (complete with glitter glue, because, as Kendra managed to say with a straight face "the glitter will catch the lights better when we get called on stage".) Here I am putting the finishing touches on my shirt. And yes, Allison, I did pick Brian just for you!

Here, Kendra makes me practice my "sexy cry" to be utilized if we do actually get called up on stage. It's designed to say both "I'm super hot" and "I'm a huge fan". I'm not quite sure I have it down just yet.

Saturday afternoon we hopped off the subway and found this sign as our direction to the concert. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. This sign lets you know that The Boys will be playing in the Fencing Gymnasium in Olympic Park.

Our first sighting of The Boys! We're so excited! From the left are: Kendra, Myself, Sophie, Brittany, and Sheryl. Kendra and Sheryl are my coworkers and Brittany and Sophie are friends of Kendra. After an experience like the BSB concert, I feel I can count them as my own friends as well. Please note the hordes of other BSB fans... errrr...

Here is some of Brittany's excellent and illegal (they don't let you take pictures in concerts in Korea for some reason) (unless you're sneaky) photography of the actual concert. Several things to note here. First, though you can't see it, apparently the "Unbreakable" tour afforded neither a wardrobe stylist (case in point, AJ's shredded leather vest, shudder) nor a choreographer. We're pretty sure they just watched old video footage of previous concerts and tried to recreate it themselves. Pretty badly. Secondly, all of those red lights in the audience are glow sticks which the crowd pumps in time to the music through the entire show. Quite the arm work out! (Obviously, we purchased the glow sticks as well!)

Here we are after the concert. Though it was largely cheesy and we didn't exactly know the words to their new stuff, it was still an excellent time jamming to the old school songs we did know. And, admittedly, laughing at 4 men in their 30s trying just a bit too hard to recapture the boy band magic. It was also at this point that the Koreans noticed our shirts and went cr-azy over them. Girls asked to have their picture taken with us... people snapped shots of us from afar. The shirts were almost a bigger hit than The Boys.

Here, Sheryl attempts to get us access to The Backstreet Boys by talking up a roadie. This was after jumping up and down yelling "pah T-shirtuh" (which apparently means "green onion T-shirt... Sophie quickly corrected her). She then pushed her way to the front to talk to him and ask him (in her words "native English speaker to native English speaker") if The Boys had actually left the premises.

She then called us all over for backup which caused much squealing and cheering from the crowd once they realized we all had amazing homemade glitter-glued shirts (the technical name). Mr. Roadie then leaned in conspiratorially and said "Well, The Boys are staying in the same hotel as I am, and if you follow that van (points to sketchy white van) we're on our way there now." Sadly, following a van through the streets of Seoul on foot was not something we were up for. However, we decided not to let the fact that The Boys missed out on their most hardcore fans in Korea get us down and took our shirts for some pizza. (At Mr. Pizza you only get one cup and multiple straws, another Korean quirk)

There now, don't you just feel like you were there? You might notice that Sam opted out of this event and had male-bonding night instead. Interestingly, his night also involved pizza. But no glitter.


Allison said...

Okay. A) I am super psyched that you picked Brian. Yeah, he's old, but he will always hold a special place in my heart.

B) I am also super jealous. Mainly of the sweet sweet shirts.

C) I might go "rock out" to some BSB later on.

Miss you! Glad you're having fun!

Sarah Fox said...

That's pretty awesome that you outstaged the BSBs with your glitter shirts....but then again they were pretty awesome shirts. Way to handle a glitter glue stick :)

Anonymous said...
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