Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh yea!

Almost forgot.

The kids are enthralled that Alison and I are together.   They are always trying to pair up the teachers with other teachers.   If a teacher is seen talking to a teacher of the opposite sex, they always jokingly ask if they are your girlfriend or boyfriend.  So when we tell them yes, they thought it was the weirdest thing at first, and they would just run off giggling.  But now they have started asking questions.  Even though Alison told one of her classes that she was "married"(we say married because they do not understand engaged) to Sam teacher, this class just didn't quite understand for the first two weeks, then it sunk in one day, and created a hilarious dialogue.

Student 1: So you love Sam?
Alison: Yes
Whole class: oohhhhhh
Student 1: And he loves you?
Alison: Yes.
Whole class: oohhhhhh
Student 2(male): I  love Sam.
Student 3: AHH Love triangle!

Another instance:  Our last classes of the day on MWF are right across the hall from eachother, so we wait for each other to walk downstairs to the office.  For some reason some kids from both of our classes seemed to be hanging around while we were getting our stuff together.  As we walk towards the stairs the kids follow us and the following ensues.

Student: Sam, you are so tall.
Sam: Yes, I am.
Student: But Alison is so small.

Alison was also asked one day after class: "You love him(points at me)?  
Alison says yes.  And the students responds "Why?" and Alison says "He is nice."


Sarah Fox said...

These are hilarious! :)

Sarah Fox said...

These are hilarious! :)

Jessica said...

i want you to video these interactions and post it on the blog!