Monday, March 10, 2008

Taking Requests

I have been asked for a picture of my name in Korean, which will be up shortly.

Anything else any one wants to see or hear about. Just leave a question in the comment section.


Sarah Fox said...

Are you allowed to post pictures of you guys with all your students? And maybe pictures of some of the foods ya'll are eating :)

the other mom said...

Ok, this may sound silly-but I haven't figured out at what place in your apt. is your door. So, one more picture please or maybe draw me a layout. Also, what's behind that red panel in your kitchen cabinets? Inquiring minds just want to know!

Anonymous said...

ok, pictures of my name, food, where our door is, and some of our kids. We have our assignment. It might be delivered in pieces but you asked, so you shall receive.