Friday, March 28, 2008

Just a Regular Thursday Evening...

So, we have been doing review activities this week to prepare for the student's mid-term tests next Monday and Tuesday. That means we get to come up with our own review activities instead of working from the textbooks. I found a website that lets you make your own word searches, so I made some sweet worksheets using the unit vocab. It turns out the kids go crazy for word searches, just like my mother incidentally. Seriously, this is the first time my classes have been quiet... ever. I thought I'd capitalize on the moment and take some pictures. My plan was to pass it off like this is how my classes always look, but that would be a... lie.

This is my TTh 4th period RB class. We have (L-R) the twins Kevin and John, Paul and Jake, Judy and Michael, and Sarah and Alice. Jake was th big winner. He got a sheet of frog stickers and 3 pieces of candy.

On this side of the roon we have Nina and Isabelle, Annie and Kristi, Ron and Harry (all of my Harrys are holy terrors, just FYI), and Jack.
Next, because Alison Teacher is awesome, we played some unit Jeopardy, which was also a hit. However, since the classrooms are squashed together it's necessary to keep the children from screaming their heads off, which is difficult when there are thirty points on the line and your teammate seems unsure. Please notice the ridiculousness of the units I have to teach.
Sue's Red Shoes was deceptively challenging.
After the school Sam Teacher and I decided we were a little hungry, so we went for dinner at one of our favorite places by school. I have no idea what it's name is, but the couple that run it are hands down the nicest people we have met here. We had a slight mix-up in the ordering process and aren't quite sure how we ended up with so much food. However, when we got to the cash register the total was a whopping 11,000 won. That's about $11 for all of this food. It was crazy. Crazy good.
Kimchi Jjigea
(The rice comes on the side, but Sam had already put it in before I remembered that I'm supposed to be taking pictures of everything we eat. It's a spicy stew with kimchi, in this case tuna, and broth. Great for a cold, winter day.)
(sounds like: kim-chee chee-gay... sort of)
Kimchi Jun
(Mom, this is what you had at the Korean restaraunt in Denton!
It's a very thin egg-y kind of pancake with kimchi baked in.)
(sounds like kim-chee j-un)

I have absolutely no idea what this was but it is one of the best things I've eaten in my entire life. It was some sort of egg, cheese, ham, honey mustard goodness. The lady tried really hard to teach me how to say it after I pointed to the picture, but I forgot to write down the Korean to learn to pronounce it myself. Whatever, it's new name is: delicious.

Our meal also came with all of this as well. That's some sort of processed fish (really quite tasty) on the top left, dipping sauce for the jun top right, below that some radish kimchi, and some seaweed to wrap it all up on the bottom.

All in all a pretty typical weeknight for us. School, food, home. So, what do you think of the food so far? I'll probably take pictures of my MWF classes at some point in the near future. If I can stop yelling at them for long enough to get my camera out and fired up. I'll also give Sam a gentle nudge to jump on the picture band-wagon, too. His kids are funnier that mine, anyway.


Anonymous said...

I love the Jeopardy categories! looks like ones you would see on SNL celebrity jeopardy

A said...

*cough* Why do your students have American/English names?? Please please please tell me they pick a name to use in school and they have actual Korean names. Otherwise the disgusting-ness of Americanization may make me throw up.---Drew

mom said...

You are brilliant, but we knew that, right? And your kids are SO LUCKY to get to play word search. I would be in heaven....Word Search heaven. Love seeing pix of the kids. They look really sweet. And I have to ask, what is the content for the "What's following me?" module? My mind is kind of spinning on that one with numerous possiblities.

Am loving your posts!

Sarah Fox said...

Your kiddos are so cute! Especially the twins, they look like little harry potters :)
The third food down (delicious) looks a little like a Whataburger Taquito with ketchup....I think I would love it!!!