Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I live here

Alison also wrote a blog today, don't forget to check it out also. 

I was looking through all of our old blogs todays and realized that the only pictures of our apartments are from the very first week we were here.  So I thought you might like to see what my place looks like now that it has been lived in.  I did some minor tidying up so I would not look like a complete slob, but I left all my books and gadgets exactly where they were when I had the idea to take some more pictures.  So here is the tour of an apartment that has been lived in for nine months.

My bike outside my door in the hallway
The view of the inside of my door.  I recently purchased my coat rack that was an absolute necessity for my collections of coats, gloves, hats, scarves, and umbrellas.  And yes, I take my shoes off at the door every time I come in.  I'm so asian.
Turn the right once you've walked in the door and you have my kitchen, complete with tea pot warming my water for some jasmine(쟈스민) tea.  I have acquired multiple cooking utensils, a drying rack, and a toaster since we got here.  I actually do quite a bit of cooking so my sink is always full of dishes.
Thats the washer underneath the counter(mini-fridge to the left of it), a 4kg bag of rice that needs to be put away in green, and the other bags are my non-food waste trash by the door.
My drying rack in the foreground.  Desk and "closet" in the background.  All the way in the back is the TV I never use.  I never set up cable or internet in my place because I can get Alison's wireless internet in my room.  My Xbox went out of commission a month or so ago, so the TV is relatively useless.
My desk and windowsill that are use for storage more than anything else.  The windowsill is full of things like Shout, airspray, change, pictures, books, video games, a lint roller, nasal spray, and some computer speakers.  The desk houses my DVD collection and random things that don't have a place.
The green chair was courtesy of the hotel that went out of business down the alley from us.  Alison and I spotted two of these bad boys one night on the way back from the convenience store.  We grabbed them, gave them a good wipe down and now we each have one in our room.  On my bed is the beautiful bedding set that Avalon provided for me.  The TV stand that I now use as my bedside table houses a GRE book, a Japan travel guide, and some other books that I am eventually supposed to get around to.
Just another view.
The floor table is where I find myself spending most of my time recently.  Thanks Abby!! Abby recently left and gifted me this table.  I plop down on my floor cushions and surf the net, download music, write blogs, etc.  The floor is the best place because the heating comes through the water that runs underneath the floor.  Coming home and sitting down on the warm floor is amazing. 
So there you have it.  It's what I call home.  I will be sad to leave it, but I really am looking forward to a full size kitchen(and refrigerator) a separate living room with a couch(ohhhh a couch!!!), and my full size corner desk from IKEA.   haha, its funny what I miss.

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