Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Feast for the Masses

Well, we did it!! Sam and I officially hosted our very first Thanksgiving meal together, and I think it was definitely a success. As Sam mentioned before we were in no way expecting this to turn into as massive a par-tay as it did. I mean, come on... twenty people to feed, two small burners, a mini fridge, two tiny pots, and approximately 20 square feet of space??? The odds were formidable, but I wouldn't have had it any other way!

We started the fun by giving Sam's apartment a deep clean last night, then this morning went on a re-con mission to Lotte Mart, then to Costco where we purchased 7 rotisserie chickens, 3 big bags of potatoes, 2 bags of rolls and 3 giant apple pies. Then I went back and cleaned my apartment while Sam went to Lotte Mart and HomePlus to pick up the green beans, butter, bigger bowls, potato masher, etc. We also managed to snag the giant pot from Brett's apartment and then, the most clutch move of all, Brady and Ashlee hauled home the office microwave for us. (Yes, I have no shame, I asked to borrow the office microwave for our Thanksgiving feast, and luckily they were awesome and not only said yes, but also gave us some funds to actually have said Thanksgiving feast! Double score! Having no shame pays sometimes I guess :) Sam cut up all of the chickens and we got cooking around 5 pm.
Here is evidence of the 2 tiny burners. I only wish I had thought to take a picture of the GIANT pot of potatoes, because these two pots do not truly depict the fact that these are two. tiny. burners. (Thanks to Ian for lending us the toaster oven!)

Part of the spread. It looked much more impressive in person. Notice the microwave that was key for making everyone's dinner deliciously warm instead of just room temperature. Also notice the kimchi on the edge of the table. We are in Korea, after all!

We had mashed potatoes with skins and without, because we wanted everyone to feel at home :)

My plate of food.

Another plate of food. (Can you tell I was really proud of the food?) Frank brought Stove Top Stuffing. I don't even really like Stove Top in general, but his was de-licious.

Chowing down! It was really nice to have some "newbies" with us, too! David's friend Shannon was visiting from New York, our fav. Korean Jen came along, plus we had the new teachers from the Middle School campuses with us, too. How crazy is this... the guy in the brown jacket went to Trinity, and he and I actually know several people in common that went to Southwestern! Such a small world.

Mmmm... apple pie!

What Thanksgiving is complete without a family portrait? Ashley managed to sneak out before we got to picture time, but yes, you're counting correctly... that's 19 people! Everyone cracked up when Sam busted out the tri-pod, but this is SUCH a classic!

If Cole looks full, you know there was enough food!

Well, we definitely bought wayyyy too much food, but better than safe than sorry I say! Plus, everyone got to take home some leftovers, which we all know is the best part of Thanksgiving. (If you did not get leftovers and want some, we still have a ton, so just let me know!) It was so much fun to have everyone together and I'm soooo glad we had enough food and space! Thanks to everyone that brought drinks, food, cups, plates, and anything else too! I'm still in a bit of shock that it worked out! Thanks to EVERYONE who came, you totally made my Thanksgiving! To everyone at home, we hope you are having a fantastic holiday weekend, and look forward to celebrating with you next year!

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