Monday, November 24, 2008

Change, Change, Change

Well, there have been lots of changes over the last couple of weeks and it has really gotten me thinking. The weather has definitely changed, and I am still adjusting to that. I've realized exactly how "Texan" I am... I keep thinking, "Okay, it's been cold for a couple of days, but it will warm up again soon!" Umm, not quite. I'm learning to wear socks and always have my scarf and hat handy! I'm also trying not to think about the fact that it will probably only be getting worse until we leave. Sigh.

There have also been quite a few changes in staff at our school. One of the teachers that I am closest to, Abby, finished her contract and headed back to Winnipeg last week. Lindsey and Jordan are back in the States, although, Jordan will be back here before we know it, and many of our favorite Korean teachers will be moving to a new campus that is opening later this month. We've also gotten some new teachers, so that has been exciting. For those of you that know me well, you know that change is not exactly my favorite thing. At all! However, with all of this transition it has made me think about the last nine months and also think about what the future will hold once we head back home.

I regret not posting more of our day-to-day activities here in Seoul, because I'm not sure how well it has come across on this blog how much I absolutely love it here. While adjusting to a new culture and a new city took some time and effort, I really do feel like Seoul has become "home". For one, this is the first real "city" I have ever lived in. Even though I have lived close to Dallas and Austin, I never explored them to the extent that we have explored Seoul over these last 9 months. Even with all that we've done I've already started compiling a list of everything we still have to do and am trying how to fit it all in over the next 12 weekends! I also love being able to function with out a car... even if it is mildly annoying to have to haul your groceries a mile on foot or on the subway, I don't really think too much about it now.

One of the things that has absolutely made this year for me, too, is the people we work with. While I absolutely adored the people I worked with at White Rock (and still do!) it has been nice to work with so many people in my own age bracket. Being here together, so far from home, really creates a bond. We talk about work way more than we should, and sometimes we get really sick of each other, but for the most part I really do enjoy the people we work with, which is a huge blessing. It's nice to have people in your neighborhood, to relax in front of the convenience store with after work, borrow books and movies, etc. It's like a slightly more adult version of college life :)

It's also been a year to slow down and think about where I am and where I'm going. Although I haven't found the "magic answer" for what I should be doing with my life (sorry Mom and Dad!), I've definitely had some time to think. I've also learned some valuable skills as far as communicating clearly and effectively and patience. Patience has NEVER been one of my strengths, but when you are dealing with a classroom full of kids who are obviously not getting the point or a cabbie who wants to take you anywhere but where you want to go you learn that blowing up won't get you anywhere. I'm not exactly Ghandi, but I feel like I have definitely learned to keep my cool much better than before (right, Sam??) I can honestly say I never expected to find myself in Asia, but it has by far been one of the best experiences of my life. I'm trying not to over think the "going home" part, and listen more, trusting that God will show us what we're supposed to next when the time comes. I'm trying to be patient :)

To close (if you've stuck through this rambling!) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! We will be picking up a rotisserie chicken and apple pie at Costco this Saturday and mixing up some mashed potatoes, green beans, and maybe even some stuffing to feast on with our crew, but we will definitely be missing you all!

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Sarah Fox said...

I'm so happy you sound like you really made a home for yourself over there and love it so much! I think I speak for more than myself when I say we miss you guys too much to let Seoul have you forever though. Ashley Cole just got back from Amsterdam and moved back to Austin...just a possibility for you and Sam :)