Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!  It is now officially the day after Thanksgiving here in Korea. (side note = I proposed to Alison on the day after Thanksgiving last year, and writing this blog prompted me to check last year's calendar to see when Thanksgiving was.  Turns out it was on the 22nd of Nov last year, which means we totally forgot to celebrate one year of being engaged on the 23rd. haha)  Our Thanksgiving Day dinner consisted of us going out with 5 of the other teacher from our school for kalbi.  Which really is not too far off from a Thanksgiving feast.  Kalbi is pork ribs that are cooked over hot coals right at your table, and you can grill peppers, mushrooms, and garlic on the grill as well.  It is a ton of meat, and if you have read our other blogs about Korean meals you know that every meal comes with at least a few side dishes.  We went to our favorite kabli restaurant, and becase kalbi is considered a "big, heavy, somewhat nice, eat out meal" it comes with numerous side dishes. ? to be exact: 2 soups, the best kimchi in all of Korea, rice, hominy type stuff, red pepper dipping sauce, shredded cabbage, and 2 types of leaf lettuce to wrap it all in.  Korean custom calls for almost all meals to be eaten family style where everything is shared.  So the meal was truly as close to a Thanksgiving feast as we could have on Thanksgiving night.  

We are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at our apartments on Saturday evening.  We initially planned on buy 3-4 rotisserie chickens from the supermarket, along with potato(e)s for home made mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, a couple pies, and some dinner rolls.  We figured this would feed 12 or so people(about the number of people we thought would come from our office.  Well, we did not realize how much people would latch onto this idea.  Word got around to the middle school campus and the new teacher at another campus across the hall from me.  They all invited a friend. Soooo, our current count is now over 20 guests. See my last blog entitled "I live here" if you would like to give me some tips on how to it everyone in here).  It is more than we planned for, but nothing another bag of potato(e)s, rolls, two more chickens, and another pie can't fix.  We are absolutely thrilled that we are able to host our family away from home for a Thanksgiving feast.  We will definitely take pictures and post them ASAP.  

We wish all of you back home the best on this Thanksgiving Day.  We hope that you are able to be with family and friends on this day that calls for being thankful for what we have.  As for us, we are thankful for all of our friends that we have made here, but especially for all of our family and friends back home that have supported us on this journey at the beginning of our lives together.  We are thinking about you and hope you have a wonderful day.  Take an extra bite of everything on your table for us!

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