Friday, April 18, 2008

Why I love/hate my job

That's right... it's classroom story time, again. Since I have nothing really better to blog on and Sam has been super busy filming/directing/editing the skit for our teacher workshop next weekend, I thought some pictures and stories might make up for our recent blogging lapse.

Here's a walk through the joys of my MWF. My first period is a class that comes to English academy every single day. How they stand it, I have no idea. But they have recently discovered the "Alison-Sam" connection and like to celebrate our love by randomly yellng "Congratulations" during class. Today I walked in to find this on the board.

They like to spread out. We've got Jasmine in the front (top of the level!) Prima, Annie, Jennie, and Sophia and Mike in the back. Mike makes weird noises alot, which the girls do not appreciate so much!

Here we have James and Stephen. In his assignment last week, a paragraph on what their lives would be like when the grow up, James wrote that he would like his job to be "killing men" because "killing is beautiful". Yikes. He also wrote that he would like for his car to be a Hyundai Sonata. A few things. 1. I get it James, you hate my class, but don't let it drive you to killing people! 2. If you are going to be a killer for hire, maybe you could aim higer than a Sonata...

John is maybe the biggest nerd ever. But he's super cute!!!

Jenny, from my 2nd period class, always leaves me stickers on her quiz. I put the stickers on my attendance sheet folder, which makes her insanely happy.

Ah, the dreaded 3rd period. AKA the reason I sometimes hate my job. Here we have Steve, Jung Min, Seng Eun, Moung, David, Sally, and Tom. More on Tom later.

Yes, Tom. Tom would be the kid that managed to make my blue dry erase marker explode all over the wall, floor, girls in the first 2 rows, himself, me, etc. He's rude (or, as my co-teacher says when she's really frusterated and confuses her r's and l's: lude!), and not that smart. Sigh. I will find a way to break him, yet!

This is the rest of the class, and really a perfect picture. Kirsten is concentrating hard in the front, so is Jacob. Kwon Xi Young has no idea what's going on, but is trying. Paul, who doesn't get things even when the kids explain in Korean, is staring out the window. Kwon Min Seok is studious as usual. Wendy looks like she'd rather be anywhere else, and Chris is done with his work and ready to cause some trouble. Going to this class is like facing an epic battle of good and evil three times a week. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose!

Luckily, though, the loves of my lives are in 4th period. They are super funny, cute, and excited all the time. Their class doesn't let out until 9:25, so Fridays are a little crazy, but they are bound and determined that I will be fluent in Korean before the semester is over. I keep having to gently reinforce the English only policy. Here we have Amy (super smart), Jack, James-2, James-1 (they use 1 &2 instead of last name initials because EVERYONE is a Kim or a Lee), Jacob, Tommy, and Stephanie.

Here we have Christine (her hobby is "insects"), Jennifer, Alice, Jack, Jacob... again, Billy, Paul, and Stephanie. This is the class that whenever I get on to them sings me "I'm so sorry, but I love you!" The feeling is mutual.

So, there you have it. The little tyrants who rule my life from 4:10-9:25 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Anonymous said...

Cute, cute kids. I love the pictures. Dorothy Graves

A said...

yay for blogs. :) i enjoyed it throughly, i like how the way you insert sarcasm i can *hear* you saying it. maybe that means i miss you a whole whole lot.---Drew