Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekend Wanderings

So, this weekend I decided to do a bit of adventuring while Sam playing basketball with the boys. I heard the cherry blossoms were out at Children's Grand Park, so I decided to head over and see what I could. When I got there, I realized I didn't know exactly what a chery blossom looked like, but I'm guessing these are them! The park was crazy-packed as it was the first nice day, really, of spring. There were lots of cute kids, though, so mostly I did some people watching, read a book, and enjoyed being outside... with thousands of other people!

This weekend also involved a trip to Costco. It was utterly fantastic... once we got there! Note to self... if I'm going anywhere with a certain co-worker (coughKendracough) I will make sure to look up exact directions, including subway exit numbers! The Seoul subway exits involve approximately 5 flights of stairs each... and in the Sangbang station there are six exits. We exited every single exit except for the correct one... Exit 2 (in case you were wondering) and walked 10 minutes in every direction possible. After an hour of searching and climbing stairs (I don't know how Kendra didn't just leave me in the fetal position in the middle of the sidewalk) we finally found the Costco, just 2 blocks straight out of Exit 2, and filled our cart with amazing goodness.

Then, we began the long process of hauling 8 pounds of cheese (you cannot find decent cheese here to save your life), 5 bags of pasta, pillows, towels (regular sized!), tobasco, wine, crackers, caesar wraps, fabric softener, bagels, etc. home. This involved the most terrifying cab ride of my life (think cement mixer inches from my door with me basically jumping into Kendra's lap!) splitting stuff up, then taking another cab to drop the rest of the stuff off. I've realized that in this city I have climbed more stairs than I had in my life to date and I am constantly carrying stuff. Lots of stuff. But boy, does that cheese taste amazing!! It's also funny what comforts I "miss the most" from home. What do you think you'd miss?

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