Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rooftop BBQ and a Noreabang

It's been a pretty long day, and I don't have too much excitement to bring to the table, but it has been almost a week since the last blog! We now have internet in our apartments, so communication should pick up significantly.

Today we had our teacher workshop. The first half of the day was presentations by all of the different campuses, and then we had "team building" activities... for five hours. It was exauhsting and hilarious all at the same time. These were not your typical team building type of games... instead it was a giant competition involving multiple rounds of karoke, team jump rope, a blow-up obstacle course, balloons, etc. It was very... Korean is really all I can say. All in all, not a bad time, and we got a pretty good dinner and were home much earlier than expected, definite bonus!
At school this week we were also treated to a rooftop bbq. The food was delicious and it was fun to hang out after work. The pictures aren't great as it was, well, dark outside, but here you can get the general gist. It was quite a spread.

Kendra and Abby model the popular method of eating anything and everything at our office... with chopsticks out of a dixie cup.
The view from the roof. The Good Office is somewhere out there, and yes, that's Bennigan's next door.
It just wouldn't be a work party without "second place" so we decided to head to our local noreabang. Noreabangs are amazing. Seriously. It's karaoke without the embarassement, because it is only you and your friends in a private room. You get a couple of mics, a couple of tambourines and a pretty decent selection of English songs. Type in your selections and lights automatically go down and the music comes on...

For some reason the screens that display the lyrics also display ridiculous nature scenes. Sometime's it's flowers, occasionally a monkey will pop up, sometimes you're on the beach, but it's never actually connected to what's going on in the song.
Here are Abby and I rocking out. We did an amazing rendition of House of Pain's "Jump Around"... with tulips in the background. Is it just me or do I look mildly creepy in this picture? Oh well, it was another fun night out! And dear America, please have noraebangs by the time we get back!

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