Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

And the crowd goes wild as they cheer Sam's triumphant return! 

I can't believe its been more than two weeks since I last blogged.  But then again, of course I believe it, I have been very busy.   First we had our first round of essays that had to be graded by the first of the month.  Then straight after that we had midterm essays to grade, and then waiting around the corner was the second round of essays that we received and graded last week.   Also, as Alison mentioned I have taken the role of leader(imagine that) in our campus' making of a presentation for a seminar/conference next weekend.   We decided that a skit was just too corny, so we all put our collective brains together and decided a parody of the NBC sitcom "The Office" could be pulled off.  I can't take all the credit, everyone in the our office wrote their own scripts for their parts, and they are fantastic.  Meanwhile I am the cameraman/editor truly.  It has been alot of fun seeing my co-workers be creative and getting to edit everything on my computer.  Once it is finished I will put it on so everyone can see.
So that it what is going on at work.

In our other lives, Alison and I are working together in true couple form.  While Alison is writing about how she feels like she will never truly feel at home here, I am the exact opposite.
So we kind of bring eachother towards the middle and keep eachother sane and in check. The feeling of calling this place home has become more of a reality in the past two weeks for me.  We received our alien registration cards, we got paid, which enabled us to set up cellphones(or as the Koreans say "handphones") So we can now communicate with our co-workers on the weekend about plans and how to get places that we want to go.  My phone even has a fancy shmancy subway map on it.  It does not surprise that I am calling Bangi-(2)dong, Songpa, Seoul, South Korea home so easily.  I mean lets take a short history lesson on where Sam has lived and how often he has moved in his life, especially the past 6 years.  I spent the first three months of my life in St. Louis, then it was off to Chicago for 6 years, then back to St. Louis for a 7 year stint.  Then it was on to Dallas for 6 years before heading off to Hendrix in Arkansas for 2.5 years.  Then returning to Allen for almost a year before moving to Denton and UNT for the next two years(in which I called three apartments home)  And then it was back to Allen after I graduated, and now Korea.  I guess you could say I am accustomed to having to get accustomed to new living spaces and neighborhoods.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I enjoy new adventures and there are plenty of new adventures to have here.  Alison, Jordan, and myself visited a fantastic palace yesterday before going to Insadong, which is known as "the most famous street in Seoul.  It is not an open market, instead it is mostly small store fronts with street food vendors in front of nearly every store.  Very cool environment.  We then had some chinese food for dinner before heading to two of the hot spots for nightlife in Seoul.  Alison is the one with the camera, so be expecting some more details and pictures from her in the next few days.

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