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Monday, February 25, 2008

Virtual Tour Part 2

Welcome to our humble abode. (Sam's looks exactly the same, except he has rearranged his furniture a bit. Yes, he also has the velour happy heart bedding and actually refused to use it for 2 days until I finally convinced him that no one would actually think he bought it for himself.)

The kitchen. Please excuse the trash. You have to buy special bags for your neighborhood to put your trash out and we haven't located ours yet. All in all pretty functional. If only we knew how to actually use the washer.

The mysterious Korean thermostat. Anyone?

The other side of the apartment. Just to give you a feeling for the size.

And, last but not least, the much discussed bathroom.

So, there you have it. Small but very functional. You should definitely come visit :)


A said...

wait. i don't understand how the shower works...i guess i missed the discussion of the "much discussed bathroom". why is there a shower head on the wall next to your mirror??


Kagrel said...
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Sam said...

yea, thats the shower, its just in the middle of the bathroom, everything gets wet when you shower. there is a guard on the top of the toilet paper so it does not get wet though.

A said...

that's so where do you put the towel? at least you don't have to worry about the shower being too short. ha.


Sarah Fox said...

Was that a clothes washing machine in the kitchen?? I like the very efficient use of the space, and of course the happy heart comforter.

Sam said...

Yep, thats our washing machine, its a tricky device that I haven't mastered yet.