Thursday, February 21, 2008

Surprise, we're here!!

We made it! After relatively good flights and a total travel time of 27 hours we have made it to Seoul. The only hiccup was our non english speaking cab driver not being able to find our apartment building at first. After stopping the car three times to ask for directions, we finally made it. Alison has adjusted to the time change better than I have. I got a little sleep on the flight, but somehow managed not to be tired enough to sleep through the night last night, I only slept from about 12:45 till 4:30. I am definitly feeling it now. We have already met up with my BFF Jordan, he took us to lunch and showed us his favorite coffee shop. We are currently at our school, we both observed two classes today and will do more of the same tomorrow. I am lucky enough that my height is an instant ice breaker with the kids. They all want to know how tall I am, so I tell them 1.9 meters, and they all thinks its the craziest thing they have ever heard. We are now off to grab some dinner(kimchi chugae) basically kimchi soup.

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A said...

I am glad your height is good for something. lol I am also glad that you will continue to be recognized as "that tall goofy guy" even on the other side of the world.