Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting Adjusted

It's tuesday afternoon here, and Alison and I have both been thrust into covering another teachers classes for the rest of this semester(which ends this friday). In an unfortunate situation involving a fellow foreign teacher, his sleeping pills and him drinking alcohol with said sleeping pills, we will be covering his classes following him being fired yesterday. Strange situation, but anyways, we spent this morning preparing, and well, we feel prepared, imagine that. We are actually very glad to finally be teaching as observing classes is probably the most boring thing ever. So that's that, we will let you know how it goes.

In other news, we are getting adjusted, we have found our local markets, been to the giant e-mart, which is very similar to walmart, except of being spread out on one floor, it is a bit smaller and 5 stories. We also visited techno-mart. OH DEAR GOD! It's like technology heaven. I swear, every piece of technology currently on the market is in this massive 7 story building. We have learned how to say our favorite Korean meals, so ordering at some local restaurants is quite easy. We each purchased a beginners korean language book, so we are working on those. Hmm, what else, it snowed last night about 2 or so inches, enough to cover the sidewalks thoroughly. Other than that we are really starting to call this our daily life. We will post more about our teaching experiences in the next week or so.


mom said...

Can't wait to hear about how the teaching goes. And Alison, I knew I should have gotten you some snow boots for Christmas! I'm so impressed with how well you guys are finding your way around and learing Korean.

Love and miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

I think the toilet paper still gets wet.....:P

It should be really fun wants you're all settled in more and the teaching isn't stressfull. Pics are awesome.

take care,

Sue Coder said...

Don't understand your problem with some of the food. I prepare pig intestines and liver at least twice a week for Uncle Deke. He likes it with cornmeal dumplings. Try it again with a pinch of basil.

So happy that you guys are there and doing well. Keep posting! We want to hear everything! Love you. Auntie Sosh