Friday, February 15, 2008

Departure Date

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Well, we finally have the flight iterneraries in our inboxes and will be leaving Tuesday, February 19. Again, later than expected, but it wouldn't be any fun for things to start happening on schedule here at the end, would it? So, we'll be headed out early on Tuesday morning and will fly to Detroit and then Tokyo and finally end up at Seoul's Incheon airport at 9:15pm Wednesday.

Since I'm terrible at converting dates and times and Sam isn't here to help I'll give you the general breakdown by hours. According to our itenerary we will be flying for close to 19 hours with 2.5 hours for layovers. That's a lot of flying. And not a lot of laying over. We only have an hour and 10 minutes in Tokyo to change planes. Yikes. Not that I've ever been to the Tokyo airport and thus have no way to judge whether this is sufficient time to actually change planes... I'm sure it will be fine.

So, if you have any ideas for how we should entertain ourselves for those 19 hours, suggestions are welcome!

EDIT: Sam is not, as he claims in the comment section, the only one that is good at math. I cannot add hours but am perfectly comfortable with regular integers. So, there.


Anonymous said...

Scary to think that I am the good one at math in this relationship.Yikes!

9:15 PM on wednesday in Seoul is 6:15 AM on wednesday in Dallas.

Sarah Fox said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited for you guys :) Make sure you wear/bring flip-flops or some other loose shoes since your legs will swell to the size of small tree trunks from sitting for that long of a flight (I wore zip-up army type boots on my trip home from Scotland and had to run through NY airport with my boots all un-zipped and flapping everywhere...classy). Drink lots and lots of water, not lots and lot of free wine (again...classy). And if you get really bored you can always poke at each other and see who gets really angry first :)