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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You May Snow Fight with Firefighters...

I've had these gems saved on my work computer for forever and came across them while cleaning things up a bit on my break. (You know, since we're leaving and all... ahhhh!) I had one of my upper-level classes write poems about their favorite season and thought these 3 on winter were pretty amusing and a little odd...

by Han Ju

You may fly a kite in the white garden
You may make a snowman with man’s help
You many snow fight with firefighters
You may drive car to white garden.

by Daniel2

White snowy day
It is the heart by me
I want to get that white heart inside
I want to be a inside person in outside
I want winter because the snow day makes me to be happy
I think the sky is very beautiful

White Snow
by Daniel1

The winter come with witches
The witches come with a white snow
“Wow! What a white snow!”
One Wednesday everybody whistle
They wonder when the snow will stop.

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