Monday, February 16, 2009

Japan Day 3

We started off a very busy day very early in the morning at the Fish Market. This place was nuts and so much fun to wander around! We spent a long time in the tightly packed aisles dodging minitrucks and motorcycles and workers carrying freshly packed fish. (If dead fish bother you, you might want to skip towards the end!)

Then we stopped for the. best. sushi. ever. I've never had sushi for breakfast, but this was seriously so delicious and fresh!

From the fish market we walked basically across the city. It took for-ev-er, but at least the views were nice! Here's the moat around the palace.

Our next stop was Yasukuni shrine, which is a bit of a controversial place. This is the memorial shrine to those who died in the Japanese military wars. Because of Japan's dicey history with many other Southeast Asian countries when dignitaries stop by the shrine during official visits it creates tension in their home countries.

At the shrine there was also a warm museum that focused heavily on WWII. Let's just say that getting the Japanese perspective on the pre-WWII "Korea incident" and the "American War" was interesting. No photos were allowed inside the actual museum, but here's Sam next to a steam engine they had on display.

Then we stopped off for a little bit coffee to refuel and hit up the Sony building, which was lots of fun. We got to see all of the prototypes for their newest stuff, play with cameras and computers, etc. After walking alllll day long and starting so early we ended up just heading back to the hostel and calling it a night!

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Anonymous said...

sooooo cool. i am ridiculously jealous of all your adventures still. i can't wait until i can travel again!