Saturday, February 21, 2009

Last Post From Seoul

Alison and I are currently sitting a few hundred meters from our gate, awaiting the boarding call for our flight to Cambodia. Last night was a fantastic last night!! We went to small local bar that is just up the street from school, so many of our co-workers, friends, drinking buddies, traveling buddies, and neighbors came out to send us off. Saying goodbye was sad, and it was not forever, as we will see some of our friends again when we come through Seoul on our way back to Texas.

I guess our blog title will no longer be appropriate after today, but we will continue to post our travel thoughts and pictures here over the next two weeks as we travel through Vietnam and Cambdodia.

We are happy to announce that we will continue blogging about life in general after we are back in the states. Keep checking back in the coming months for our new website. We actually bought a domain name and I am working with Rapidweaver to develop our very own website. Keep checking back in the coming month or so and I will provide a link. Until then, keep checking back here to keep up with us.


1 comment:

Brother said...

METERS?!?! We use yards here in the states.
Can't wait for you to get home!