Thursday, December 11, 2008

The View From the Top

It is absolutely amazing to me how quickly the time is flying by!!! I mean, seriously, when did it inch towards the MIDDLE of December? At the end of the month, another of the teachers, Kendra, will be heading home. While all of this leaving certainly makes me sad, it's also been fun having someone to go and do some of the things on my "must do list before leaving" list with. This weekend Kendra and I tackled a big one... Seoul Tower!
Seoul Tower is visible from lots of places in the city, and from the top observation deck it offers a 360 degree view of the city. Needless to say, it's best to go on a clearer day, and as we had heard that dusk was the best time to go we headed over around 4:00 (after a delicious lunch at Dos Tacos in Gangnam).
Here's the inside of the lobby:
A view from the observation deck... kind of a smoggy day, unfortunately.
There are a bunch of "media art" installations on the observation deck. I guess they are trying to actually make your 7,000 won admission fee worth it... I think they are using the term "art" rather loosely here.
If you don't want to click to make the picture bigger I'll just fill you in... some random skyscrapers, several fish, a nun, a boy with his head in his hands and an undentified blob. It certainly enhances the view. Errr...
Some of the fanciest bathrooms I've ever seen. (I felt awkward taking a picture in said fancy bathroom, hence the terrible framing and bad lighting... but seriously, a panoramic view and fancy sinks... had to be documented!)
As it got darker we decided to head down to the lower, outdoor observation deck to hang up our "love locks". On the deck there is a big chain link fence, and people write their names on locks and then lock them together to signify their love. Since Kendra and I are in love, obviously, we hooked our locks together. They have our names and the ever popular phrase "I love you, but your face is under attack". Sam and I will definitely have to head back up to make sure our love is properly documented in Seoul :)
I know, we all wish my night photography skills were better :)

While we were out on the observation deck it started snowing like crazy! So much fun. It would be more impressive, except that I heard you actually got some snow in Texas this week. Always snowing on my parade, aren't ya!

What else to do when there is a (mildly creepy) Christmas tree made of teddy bears? Make a love heart, obviously!

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Brother said...

It did snow!! And it wasn't the usual crappy Texas snow. Here in College Station we got a good 1-2 in of snow. Lauren and I drove through a Christmas light display that night and it was pretty awesome.