Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Well, That Was Odd...

Being foreigners we tend to attract a lot of attention. Sam definitely gets more stares and giggles than me, but I'm definitely used to the stares and the near constant stream of "Hello!" However, every once in awhile something happens that is just plain strange. Since my computer is acting up and I can't post pictures from our recent adventure to Sokcho (hopefully my computer repairman - aka Sam - will have the problem worked out soon!) I thought I would share a couple of recent incidents with you.

1. While innocently waiting for the bus to my Korean lesson a few weeks ago a middle-aged woman came up to me and just started chatting me up in Korean. I politely told her (in Korean) that I, um, don't speak Korean. This did not really seem to deter her, so she just kept chatting away until she finally asks me (in English) "Do you believe in Jesus Christ?" I tell her, "Yes, I do" and she smiles. Thinking this is the end of the exchange I go back to staring into space and waiting for the bus to show up and then I hear her speaking again. From behind me. And then she is stroking my hair. And doing the full on reach-around face stroke. And praying over me (I'm 90% sure) in Korean. Loudly. While everyone else looked at me and I just kind of sat there thinking, "Well, I sure didn't see THIS coming!" I waited until she'd gotten done with one particulary vexing knot in my hair (seriously, she was all up in there) and then made a break for the cab that had just pulled up.

2. While in Sokcho this past week we had a fabulous time. One day we were on the way to the bus stop from our hostel and Sam realized he had forgotten something. So, he ran back up while I waited for him down on the street. I suddenly see an older gentleman approaching me and he smiles and waves so I smile. And then he grabs my arm. And starts kissing it. The upper shoulder part. After a very firm "Aniyo!" and a gentle shove I turned around and walked back up to the hostel. I saw the same guy 3 times that week, but managed to avoid further incident with the Sokcho Stalker (as I now refer to him in my head).

Since both of these incidents happened in broad daylight on a busy street they didn't freak me out too much. In fact, 90% of the encounters we have with Koreans are very pleasant. They were more just funny stories that make me shake my head and say once again, "Only in Korea."

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