Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Update

So, my computer has decided that our Sokcho pictures are its new favorite snack.... argh! I managed to salvage a few and posted them, along with the best of the Jeju pics, on our picture page. Enjoy! (And yes, someday we might actually get around to blogging about our fabulous adventures, any requests on where to start?)

In other news, I had my first Korean haircut today! Sheryl and I set off to Itaewon to a salon that promised to cater to our beauty needs (aka the stylist promised Sheryl that he could "cut white girl hair"). So, after a brief stop at Pita Time for lunch we headed to the salon. We arrived a bit before our appointment to see if we could get some ideas from magazines to provide more direction to our stylist than "I'd like some swoopy bangs and about 5 inches taken off with maybe some layers, but not too many, and I don't want 'fat face'". What we saw didn't really put us at ease as there was one girl being worked on whose hair was nowhere near a natural shade of blonde and I was really hoping the girl next to me was pre-haircut. Then our stylist introduced himself and he was missing random chunks of hair to form some sort of strange mullet type concoction on top of his head. Oh dear.

Sheryl bravely goes off to suit up while I try not to take the fetal position and hyperventilate. Sheryl returns with a strange look on her face and says "This girl just stopped me and told me not to get our hair cut here under any circumstances, what do we do???" My answer was obvious... "We run like the wind, Sheryl." Luckily, the girl (whose hair was very presentable) gave us directions to her stylist, because as she put it, "Hair is a big deal" and we decided to try that out. What we found was Zen Salon (Ewha Women's University station, Exit 1, take a right at the Giordano, it's on your left... take the elevator in the shoe store to the 5th floor). A haven where all of the stylists are trained at Toni and Guy salons in England and where haircuts are only $30! Lucy was great, but I'm still in shock as to how much of my hair I instructed her to cut off. My plan, though, is to let it grow out until we go home.
Anyway... here's the new 'do... try not to judge too harshly as self-portraits always result in either a)angry face and/or b)terrible backgrounds.

Sam also went to the bookstore this weekend and purchased the Beijing Lonely Planet, so we can start planning our trip over Chuseok in September! SO exciting!!!! How was your weekend?


Allison said...

Your hair looks cute!

I chopped all mine off (again) a couple of months ago and now I am trying to grow it out. So maybe I too will not cut it until you get back.

Anonymous said...

I really, really like it!


A said...

your hair is way cute!!