Monday, July 21, 2008

Where to begin

So, I started writing this before Alison posted her most recent blog, but since I have been "working" i just forgot to finish it and post it. So here it is.

It has been 5 1/2 weeks since I posted last. In that time it was finalized that I would be taking over the head foreign teacher position at our campus when the current one would leave, my parents were here, I have assumed the position and responsibilities of my new position(not always fun), and gone on vacation. As Alison wrote, my family has been here since the 9th and they are leaving in the morning. It was great having them here, we did city stuff the first three days, and then they headed east for some hiking for three days, then we all left thursday morning for the resort island of Jeju, of the south coast of Korea, for four days. It truly was a vacation, not a trip. We went to the beach, sat by the pool, ate great food, took taxis everywhere instead of walking, and drank beer on the balcony before we turned in for the night. So now we are back. My job has changed more than I thought it would. I teach less classes(3 MWF, and 2 on TR, as well as covering 1 class for a teacher who will be here next week. The other teachers each teach 4, or in Alison's case, 5, classes every day). While all the other teachers primarily concerned with teaching classes, preparing lessons, and grading quizzes and essays, my primary concern is that this campus doesn't collapse in on itself. I field questions for the 5 new teachers that we have received in the past 3 weeks, as well as numerous issues that pop up every day from the veteran teachers, as well as requests from those who are above me. I haven't decided whether I like it more or less than teaching, but I do like. This campus is still relatively new, and there are still alot of loose ends about protocol and organization that I am attempting to sort out. Ok, back to work.


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