Friday, July 11, 2008

Christmas in July

So, Sam's family is finally here and we could not be happier to have them! It has been a whirlwind three days in which the Hosacks have managed to log over 50,000 steps according to Laurie's trusty pedometer, have been all over the city about 3 times, and have been thoroughly enjoying the company :)

The fam. was also nice enough to bring over two extra (bulging!) suitcases with stuff from home. It definitely felt like Christmas in July. Our parents hooked us up with a bunch of Weight Watchers treats, Crystal Light, macaroni and cheese, new shoes, and other various needed/craved items. Thanks to Mama Hughey for filling my "wish list" and then some! The best, though, was that Sam and Laurie worked together to suprise me with a 6 pack of actual-real-authentic Diet Coke! It had been 5 months since I tasted that glorious, chemically goodness (they have Coke Light here, which is just soooo not the same) and Sam asking for it/Laurie risking a carbonation explosion in her suitcase was just about the sweetest thing ever!

I neglected to take my camera anywhere the first 2 days, but today we went to the DMZ so as soon as I upload those pictures you should be getting a nice long post from Sam or myself on a most interesting day involving: our 4:30am wake-up time, a family portrait in North Korea, me breaking every rule they told us to strictly obey, a mini-riot at the City Hall subway station and a delicious galbi dinner. So, stay tuned!

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