Wednesday, June 4, 2008

same ole same ole

By now the days have alot less excitement than when the first month here.   We have settled into our job, every day is a little different, but it is the same challenges everyday.  I guess that is to be expected from most jobs though, so can't really complain about that.  We try to balance it with making sure that we get out and explore on the weekends, which really reminds us that we are halfway around the world. Like Alison said, we met up with some korean friends two weeks ago, and this past weekend we attended one of our korean co workers weddings.  It was different, held at a wedding hall, where they probably push out 5-6 weddings on a saturday.  Everything is on one floor in building in the middle of the city, so you just move across the hall from the ceremony to the banquet hall.  There is no true reception, just a meal.  Everyone goes through the buffet line of fantastic food and then the bride and groom go around and greet everyone. Its all over in just about two hours.

I also shaved off my beard this past week.  It was beginning to get warm and muggy here, and it was just getting to be a nuisance, so i shaved it off in phases and sculpted it into to nasty facial hair. 


Anonymous said...

hmm...the korean wedding sounds so, well, efficient. get married, cross hall, eat food, greet guests, 2 hours. done. it sounds a lot like get married at church, go across hall to reception hall, eat cake, pastel mints, nuts, drink frozen punch, greet guests, 2 hours. done. i LIKE it! those koreans are brilliant.

and might i add how much i enjoyed seeing the many personalities of sam. so not sure what was more disconcerting, sam's display of multiple personalities or the wall paper behind him. i think i'm going to have to go with the wallpaper.

love you guys and glad you are exploring the city and customs.


A said...

Sam you are creepy with your mustache....but you seriously look like you're 19 with no facial hair and the big ole grin. lol


Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!! You like like you did back in high school... have you lost weight?!

Miss you guys!!!


Anonymous said...

I think Sam with the mustache and wicked wink could pass for Rhett Butler. Both of you are really, really purty.