Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Busy Days

I realized it has been awhile since I posted anything (thanks to Sam for picking up my slack!) so I thought I'd turn to some of our best material: our students.

On Monday one of our book activities was to have the students write a letter to a friend describing their day. It gave some insight into how busy some of our students really are, so I thought I'd share a couple with you. I also left all of the mistakes so that you could get a sense of where they are skill-wise. These are all from 4th or 5th grade boys and girls.

Dear Lucy,
Hi Lucy? I am Jamie. Maybe you are busy. I am busy, too. So, I am always tired. Monday, Wednesday, Friday I'm go to Avalon at 3:40-6:40 (You too :) and Tuesday, Thursday I have math classes, Leather gym (class name) and Brain class. It's so busy. I'm always sleep at 12:00 or 11:30 and gets up at at 6:00 or 6:45 so I'm always tired. I thinks it's student's life. Oh, it's very hard. but when we grow up maybe good. Bye bye!

Dear Jasmine,
Hello! I'm Amy. Now, I tell about my week. Okay. My week is always busy. I go to piano class and English class on Manday, Wendsday and Friday. On Tuesday I go to Jazz, science, and discuss class. I love all thing. I go to history and math on Thursday. It's so busy. Right? I want to go Jazz always. You like Jazz. This is my weekend. Goodbye! Write soon!

Hey my friend Jun. I don't know about you. So, you may teach me about you and we will dro friendly. I have only a little free time. I play computer games during free time and that's so fun! I have a lot of help in house and take out trash. I don't like!

Hi Jessica,
I love weekend becaus there sleep every day and in the week we go to school every day and go academy every day. I am very tired. Sometimes I think 'I want to die I hate school I hate academy.' I think weekend make for like me. I believe school is burn and I want (insert picture of school burning). Bye <3

I think one of the keys to the low crime rate here is that everyone is so exausted all the time! I am always happy on the weekends when I see kids out riding their bikes or playing in the park with their parents because it seems like they are getting a well deserved break. It's tough to argue with this system, though, because these kids are very bright. However, ask them to write a short story and it becomes pretty obvious where the educational system is lacking. That's a different story, though.

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Allison said...

It makes me sad how every single one of them is so tired and busy. When I was that age, I am pretty sure I was too retarded to know what busy even was.