Saturday, March 7, 2009

What Day Is It?

At this point, I don't think my body knows which way is up or down, and for darn sure doesn't know what time to think it is! That's right... we're officially on our way home... and it's taking a tad bit longer than expected, thanks in large part to one Mr. Kim Jong-Il and a certain airline's crappy international flight schedule.

Just for funsies, here's a time-line of our last I-can't-do-the-timezone-math number of hours:
- Thursday night 11:30pm leave Hanoi (the most crap-tastic airport known to man) for Seoul (3.5hr flight)

- Friday morning 5am arrive Incheon airport
- Take the bus into Seoul, rouse David from his slumber at 7am
- Last lunch with our besties 11am
- Pack it up, get back on the bus to Incheon airport at 2:30pm
- Notice sign that says our flight has been delayed at 3:45pm
- Spend 35 minutes shifting various items in our bags to make them all as equally overweight as possible, contemplate kissing ticket agent on the mouth when he finally consents to just let us take our overweight cabin bags on the plain and writes a note on the back of our boarding passes to get us through security at 4:15pm.
-Become mildly worried when we learn that said airline has already re-routed us through Toronto because we will probably not make our 1:55 flight to Denver due to the delay and the notorious length of time it takes to get through customs in Vancouver. Hold on to hope we will fly like the wind 4:30pm
- Plane gets in late and cabin must be cleaned... finally begin boarding an hour and change late 7:45pm.
- Passenger has medical emergency and must leave the plane. They also must root around on the underside of the plane for their baggage. Awesome. Plane takes off at, well, I stopped checking at this point.
- Notice that our flight pattern made quite the U-shape southward, which appears to confirm our theory that we were one of the planes re-routed to avoid Mr. Crazy Pants up north.

- Friday (take 2!) Plane touches down in Vancouver at 12:45pm. (10 hour flight)
- We make it to the ticket counter and find that the 2:15pm flight to Seattle is the last. plane. going. to. America. today. @%^&! Seriously? It's a FRIDAY. Does NO ONE need to go to the U.S. after 2pm today????
- Contemplate punching security attendant when we hand him our boarding passes for 11:35pm and he quips, "You're early". Decide to laugh instead because, well, it's kind of hilarious at that point. Giggle a bit at the security belt operator who takes a long look at my bag and thinks, "Can metal chopsticks be used as weapons?" Realize we are definitely not in Asia anymore :(
- Live like hobos in a corner of the domestic terminal (but hobos with internet and Starbucks non-fat lattes and Cosmpolitan in English!) for 9 hours.

So, instead of arriving home, oh, right about NOW, we're hopping on a 4.5 hour flight to Toronto tonight and then another 3.5 hour flight to Dallas tomorrow morning. And then we'll be HOME. And then Daylight Savings will start and we'll just tack another hour onto the delirium. Or, take it off, depending on how you look at it. And then we'll start updating you on our fabulous fabulous trip!


Cate said...

I'm sorry about your nightmarish trip home. It is such a pain when you have to camp out in airports, so jet-lagged you can't even see straight!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, that sounds least it's almost over! I've definitely had a few of those interminable flight-airport-flight-airport stretches where your body ends up so confused you can't even see straight!