Monday, October 13, 2008


Yeah, we stalled out a bit on the China trip... some day you will get to relive days 2-4, I promise! We've had a lot going on lately, Mama Hughey came to visit and I dragged her all over the city, we've had some staff changes at work that have kept Sam busy, and general life in the city has been very distracting-in-a-good-way. And some day I'll do an entire post on the laundry ordeal that is the bain of my Korea-life.

We can't believe that we have just 4.5 months left in Seoul! I'm already making a list of all of the things we must see before we leave!! For those of you still sticking with us (thank you!) we hope to have many more posts coming up soon. We miss and love you!


Abbie said...

Only 4.5 months till you come home!!!! :) :) :) :)

I know you've still got a lot to see and do though, so definitely enjoy yourselves (but we sure can't wait to see you)!

Sarah Fox said...

YAY! You'll be home soon!!! I started working on ya'll's wedding present already :)