Thursday, May 8, 2008

Updated Daily Routine and our weekend plans

Now that we have been here for 2 1/2 months, my routine has changed. Alison and I have both set goals to get into better shape. Part of this means waking up early to beat what will eventually be rather warm and muggy afternoons. I also have my reasons for waking up early. I can wake up early, around 8:35 to be exact, and listen to the Cardinals radio broadcasts. It really works out well, it gets me up out of bed. I have some breakfast and then go exercise around 10 or so and make it back to listen to the end of the game. After the game is over, I usually play some video games, watch a movie or I can watch any of the old baseball games from the current season. The radio broadcast subscription for live games cost me $15, but to watch the archived games is free! I start getting ready for school around 2, and we try to be out the door before 2:30 to make it to work by 2:45. We are usually on our way home by ten, which means were getting home around 10:15. Sometimes I will eat something when I get home, others I won't. Evenings are much like the mornings. I'll do some crunches, lunges, or pushups while watching a movie, baseball game or play some video games. On this new schedule I am trying to get to bed by 1am. The weekends usually consist of some sort of sightseeing or adventure on Sat or Sun, not usually both. The other day is spent shopping, tidying up the apartment and general relaxing. We have started taking Korean lessons on sunday or 1.5 hours. They are free and provided by a church. They are really trying to get you to come to their english service. I am sure we will oblige every so often. Then it starts all over again on monday.

This weekend we are going to what are referred to as the west sea isles. They are a small chain of small islands off the shore to the north west of Seoul. We will stay in cozy rooms with yos(mats on the floor) for sleeping. Each room sleeps four people and costs around 30,000 won. It should be a nice weekend outside the city.

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