Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One Step Closer!

Today we mailed all of our documents over to Korea!

The first step was getting our passport-sized photos made. The size of Sam's hair + the size of Sam's head gave the ladies at Kinko's a bit of a challenge, but after standing half-way across the store they were able to fit him into the required size (only kidding). Then after several container changes we were able to get the cost of mailing down to a more reasonable amount. Let's just say we won't be offended if we don't receive too many care packages from home!

Hopefully everything will (safely) arrive in Seoul by next Monday and we will receive our visa issuance numbers by the end of next week and can then make a quick trip down to Houston to receive our actual visas and still be on track to leave on the 27th. Definitely keep your fingers crossed!


Sarah Fox said...

Good luck guys! I'll miss ya'll and I'm putting a link to your blog on my blog (he he geeky chuckle). Sam~ Big heads are just containers for super big brains...or that's what my mama always told me :)

Beth said...

I had that big head problem too when I got my passport. You're not alone Sam.